Siemens Power Transformers

Design of the Siemens Transformer Family


HYVE has developed the Pretact™-Design together with SIEMENS within a long-term design cooperation involving the input of transformer experts from SIEMENS and SIEMENS’ clients in the field of energy management. The result of the this cooperation was the designline “Pretact™ Frame” for the mobile emergency transformer.


The results were presented at the 2016 and 2017 Hannover Trade Fair (HMI) with a strong positive feedback.



Transformer Family

IF Award 2017 in Discipline Product
Shaping the future of transformers: have you ever asked yourself why a transformer looks the way it does? All the innovation in engineering, materials and technology is hidden inside. Siemens has decided that leading electrical and mechanical design should be visible from the outside. The new Siemens Transformer Family design features a modular style guide for external visual design and a symbol system for communication of internal technological features. The strong visual identity applied upon the whole Siemens Power Transmission portfolio connects the smallest and the largest types of transformers to a global brand of engineering excellence.




IF Award 2017 in Discipline Product
Keeping grids resilient – at any time with Siemens Transformers: reliability of energy grids is a matter that affects everybody involved in the business. Siemens Transformers developed the Pretact® portfolio for grid resilience wherever needed. In the case of a blackout being unavoidable, Siemens Transformers have designed a strategy beyond replacement. Mobile Resilience Transformers can be easily transported and are quickly installed, significantly reducing outage time and costs. The Pretact® line implements the new Siemens Transformer design style guide with a bold visual impression of reliability in emergency situations.